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About us

We love travelling, banana pancakes, dancing in the car and meeting new people.

Our story is a lot about places.

We come from two different countries, met in South America and we are currently living in Reunion Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Together we speak 5 languages, explored 48 countries and lived in 6 of them.

The idea for Hēle & Lime was born while we were trekking the volcano Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion.

We wanted to create a platform where we can express our passion and enthusiasm.


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Street art in Terre Sainte on Reunion Island - an old fishermen's village - La Réunion

Terre Sainte: An old fisherman’s village on Reunion Island – a photo journey

| Ile de la Réunion, Photography | No Comments
13th of February, 2018 21°20'50.1"S 55°28'49.4"E AN OLD FISHERMAN'S VILLAGE WHICH INVITES FOR A PERFECT SUNDAY BREAK Terre Sainte, in walking distance to the center of Saint Pierre on la…
Danger Requins - Caution Sharks

Crise requin à la Réunion: De l’oeil d’un local

| Where one is at | 2 Comments
10 Février, 2018 21°09'32.6"S 55°33'26.5"E ENGLISH VERSION, CLICK HERE Etant enfant, je n'aurais jamais pensé qu'un jour je n'aurais plus le droit d'aller dans l'océan... On la surnomme la « crise…
Memorial Paddle-out Ceremony on Reunion Island

Shark crisis on Reunion Island: From the eye of a local

| Where one is at | 4 Comments
10th of February, 2018 21°09'32.6"S 55°33'26.5"E VERSION FRANÇAISE, CLIQUEZ ICI As a kid, I would've never expected that one day I will not be allowed to go in the ocean anymore……
spectacular views - wax palms in cocora valley - Salento, Colombia

A hike to Valle de Cocora in the Eje Cafetero of Colombia

| Colombia | No Comments
4th of February, 2018 4°38'17.7"N 75°29'20.4"W Hummingbirds, wax palms and dense vegetation Valle de Cocora, not far from Salento, in the coffee region in Colombia is the perfect spot to marvel at 60…
Skiing in Baqueira Beret, Spain

Our month in 5 pictures – January 2018

| Photography | No Comments
2nd of February, 2018 12°08'49.9"S 77°01'16.9"W OUR MONTH IN 5 PICTURES - JANUARY 2018 - EUROPE/PERU 1. Skiing and snowboarding on the beautiful slopes of Baqueira-Beret in the Spanish Pyrenees 2.…
Christmas market - Bochum, Germany

Our month in 5 pictures – December 2017

| Photography | No Comments
3rd of January, 2018 51°12'41.9"N 7°37'56.2"E OUR MONTH IN 5 PICTURES - DECEMBER 2017 - GERMANY 1. We had two full weeks of snow in December 2. We were not…






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