Where to find the best brunch and coffee in Barranco? Pan, Sal, Aire is our new favorite breakfast spot for simple and delicious food !

4th of April, 2018
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Fresh bread, harmonious dishes and good coffee

Having a good and copious breakfast is a must during weekends for us. If we are not cooking it ourselves we love going out and trying different brunch options in Barranco, Lima.

We recently discovered ”Pan Sal Aire” which is about one block away from our appartement on the edge of el “Pasaje Ríos”. We don’t know why it took us so long to finally try this place but we definitely made up for this by going three times this week – please don’t judge us. We literally felt in love with this restaurant !

First of all, the decoration of the restaurant has been done with taste and a sense for details. The room benefiting from the bright natural light is quite spacious and modern. The dominant color is blue, present in the popping 3D cubes floor, the fine ceramic tableware and the industrial chairs. Which goes perfectly well with the visible beams, wooden furniture and wooden shutters. Oh and plus one point for the big open kitchen!

Quality over quantity, in “Pan, Sal, Aire” you won’t find a long menu with tons of choices but this small and efficient menu has everything you need to have for an amazing food experience. 

Cappuccino and flowers at Pan,Sal, AireCappuccino and flowers at Pan,Sal, Aire - Barranco, Lima, Peru- Barranco, Lima, Peru
Brunch at Pan,Sal, Aire - Barranco, Lima, Peru
3d blue cubes floor at Pan, Sal, Aire - Barranco, Lima, Peru
Wines at Pan,Sal, Aire - Barranco, Lima, Peru

The food is pretty simple but delicious, it has a good balance between comfort food and sophisticated dishes. To try as much as possible we shared everything and tried to pick one sandwich, one simple dish and one more elaborate dish.

For the sandwiches we tried the BLT (s/18) and the “queso sanguche” (s/18). The BLT was pretty yummy and has a strong bacon taste. If you are a fan of cheese though, then the “queso” sandwich is for you. The cheese taste is quite strong, a bit like raclette cheese according to Jonas. We are big fans of eggs for breakfast either poached, fried or scrambled.  I mean you can never go wrong with some nice eggs for breakfast, right? So we will definitely recommend the eggs Benedict (s/27) which comes with a sauce that has this delicate mustard taste and the fried eggs with tomates out of the oven (s/8).

Not to mention that each dish comes with fresh bread which are directly baked at Pan, Sal, Aire. Concerning the drinks, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice Peruvian coffee which is coming from the province of Chanchamayo. The price of a cup of cappuccino (S/8) is basically the same as everywhere in Lima. For the sweet part (so far) we only tried the brownies (S/7) and the carrot cake (S/7) – both perfect to finish a nice meal. The cakes are wonderfully moist in the inside and are melting in your mouth. 

While during the day you can enjoy a sunny brunch, during the night “Pan Sal Aire” offers artisanal pizzas, gravlax and other specialities. And not to forget the good selection of wine! In fact, they offer a variety of more than 30 different wine from all around the world. But also those looking for refreshing cocktails won’t be disappointed. We haven’t been there yet for dinner which is why this post is mainly about the brunch. But we will for sure come back for dinner!

Address: Av. Almirante Miguel Grau 320, Barranco Lima, Peru
Facebook page: Pan Sal Air

Opening hours: 
Monday from 08:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.
Tuesday to Saturday from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Sunday from 09:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.
Average spent for two persons: around S/55 – 3 salty dishes + 2 cappuccinos

Paradise bird flowers at Pan, Sal, Aire - Barranco, Lima, Peru
Purple and yellow flowers at Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Cappuccinos at Pan, Sal, Aire - Barranco, Lima, Peru.
Salty breakfast and cappuccino at Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
BLT at Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Avocado and toasts at Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Restaurant Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Restaurant Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Eggs benedict at Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Brunch at Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Restaurant Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Cappucino at Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.
Restaurant Pan,Sal,Aire - Barranco, Lima,Peru.

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Where to brunch in Barranco, Lima - "Pan Sal Aire"
Where to brunch in Barranco, Lima - "Pan Sal Aire"
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